What to Do After an Auto Accident

Car accidents are scary. When the initial shock of what just happened subsides, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. After getting your car off to the side of the road and checking yourself and your passengers over for injuries, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Call the Police

Even if it’s a minor accident, you should call the police. They’ll create an accident report, which you can come in handy when filing an insurance claim. Police can also help you get medical care and protect the scene.

Exchange Information

You should limit your conversation with the other driver if there was one. Never admit fault or liability, even if you were the one who caused the crash. Get their name and insurance information, as well as any contact information they’re willing to provide.

Suspension Work

Take Pictures

Pictures are crucial. Get photos of the damages to the vehicles as well as the scene itself. These images show proof that the accident occurred, as well as the extent of the damages.

File an Insurance Claim

You’ll want to contact your auto insurance company to document the accident as well. You can call the company directly or, if it has an app, you can start the process there. Provide them with the facts of the accident and the other driver’s insurance information (if they gave it to you). You may be asked to submit photos, or a copy of the police report as well. Your insurer will contact the insurance company of the other driver and determine coverages.

Get Your Car Fixed

If your car hasn’t been rendered unfixable, you should get it repaired right away. After all, you likely still need it to get around. An experienced autobody shop can perform repairs from dent removal to suspension work Lakewood CO, getting your vehicle back to good working order.   

Being in an accident is scary, but keeping your cool is crucial. Taking the right steps will help to ensure that you get what you need to protect yourself and your wallet.