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Ways to Prepare for a Boating Trip

If you are planning on taking a boating trip, it is ideal to be prepared in case of emergencies. Here are some steps to take before you leave to ensure that you will be equipped for any situation.  Pack Nonperishable Rations Having backup food and water supplies is essential when heading out to open water. There are many options for nonperishable food that can easily be put into storage. Canned goods are ideal for dense nutrition, as well as snacks such as granola bars and nutritional supplements. Remember, if you are bringing an infant or toddler with you, it is important to pack extra formula and baby food. Bring Spare Boat Parts For common problems that may occur while on your trip, replacement parts for boats can be beneficial. It is a good idea to do some research on common issues with your particular make or model of boat prior to leaving. This way, if there happens to be an issue while you are away, you will have the parts to troubleshoot and repair the issues that are most likely to occur.  Have a Backup Communication Method Even if your cellular device is working while on the boat, do not rely on it as…

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