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These Are General Motors Electric

General Motors Cars is one of the most popular electric car brands around. It’s not just one line or type of car, either; General Motors Electric has a whole lineup of different electric vehicles that can be used by anyone who wants to get out on the road and see the world in an environmentally friendly way. The company has been making electric cars since 1910! General Motors Electric Plans On Electric Vehicles. General Motors Electric plans on going all in on electric vehicles. GM is betting big on electric cars, investing billions in the technology and planning to launch 20 new electric models by 2023. The company has been investing heavily in the development of an autonomous vehicle called Cruise AV which it hopes will be ready for commercial use sometime next year and recently announced that it had acquired startup Rivian Automotive Inc., which makes electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs). GM has also been working on ways to integrate electric vehicles with its ride-hailing service, Maven. The company acquired electric car charging station company ChargePoint Inc. in 2018 and plans to roll out more than 20,000 charging stations across the United States by 2020. General Electric Cars Be…

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