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What to Do After A Rainy-Day Car Accident

You were on your way home from your friend’s latest movie binge when you noticed the flashing lights not far in front of you. As you slowed your vehicle in the rain that was falling more steadily than usual, it became apparent the water was causing the road to become slick. You were nearly at a complete stop when you felt the jarring crash in the back of your car that sent your vehicle against the auto in front of you with some force. Here are some tips about what to do when you are in an unexpected accident in the rain. 1. Don’t Panic The first rule at an accident scene is to not panic. Slowly get out of your vehicle if you can and assess the situation. How many cars are involved? Is there an emergency team on site already? What were the flashing lights? 2. Check for Injuries Make your way towards the other vehicles and check for injuries. Also, while you are there make sure you snap a photo of each car’s license plate and ask the driver for their insurance and license information. You will need to provide yours in return. 3. Call for Help Call…

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