Rejuvenate Your Truck by Replacing the Bed

When your pickup shows its age through unmistakable signs like loosening suspension or even the telltale rattle of a loose bed, investing in a brand-new model can seem like a good idea. For most drivers, it’s actually a better investment to refresh the vehicle you have, even if that means replacing the truck bed. It’s less expensive than you think, and it gives you the opportunity to do more than just tighten the truck’s chassis and suspension. Replacing the bed also gives you a chance to lay down a fresh Bedliner while rolling back the clock on rust and other damage.

Used vs. New Pickup Bed Replacements

Finding a new or OEM spec replacement truck bed isn’t difficult, but like any new part, it does have a top-dollar price tag. If you’re sure that the refreshed pickup is a long-term investment, it’s not a bad idea to consider it. For those who are trying to get as much work from the truck as possible for their dollar, used pickup truck beds offer you an opportunity to refresh the condition of your truck, but years on its working lifespan, and still avoid paying full price for a new part.

used pickup truck beds

Installing a New Bed

Replacing a major piece of the truck like the bed is a big operation, but you can work with your favorite garage to get the installation done if you’re not ready to DIY something that big. It’s a good idea to work with a place that offers extensive bodywork and customization because they’re the shops most likely to have a lot of experience replacing truck beds, not to mention making other structural modifications. That makes them most likely to quote you a price-efficient labor cost for any truck restoration jobs you bring in.

If you’re doing a full truck restoration, they can also help with other steps that your home garage isn’t equipped to let you do on your own. Never underestimate the value of a good shop when you’re trying to optimize the life of a vehicle. Remember, restoration isn’t just rebuilding a vehicle to showroom quality, it’s any time you refresh its performance back to its original capacities.