Most Forgotten Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Whether you are driving to work each day or prefer long, Sunday afternoon drives through the scenic countryside, there isn’t a motorist on earth that wouldn’t love to get more mileage of a tank of gas. Economic conditions can create a roller coaster of gas prices, but you can help hold the results of your vehicle steady by paying more attention to some of these forgotten ways to improve your mileage while spending less.

Use Online Tools

There are many apps and websites that can help you find the best prices at the pump. Some of these sites offer reward-based incentives. One popular app shows you the nearest gas prices to your location and offers a cash-back rate once you have reached a certain dollar amount in expenses.

Change Your Air Filter

Your engine needs a significant amount of clean air to help keep it running smoothly, and regardless of the type of Airdog fuel system installation your vehicle has, you need to change the air filter regularly. They aren’t expensive and can be swapped out in a matter of minutes.

Buy Your Gas in the Morning

It is often cheaper to fill up your tank in the morning, rather than in the evening. In the early morning, the ground is colder, which makes petrol denser. As the gas heats up during the day, the molecules expand, taking the gallon you filled up with and distorting it into a volume that might not be true to its measurement.

Clean Your Fuel Injectors

Even without mechanical inclinations, you can clean the heads of the system that send the fuel throughout the vehicle. You can pick up a bottle tank additive that works to remove dirt and grime buildup, which can burn more fuel over time.

Over time, improving your gas mileage can translate into thousands of dollars saved. The better your vehicle runs, the longer and more efficiently it will last.