Excellent Wheel Washing System from Mobydick

Construction industry needs to have reliable räderwaschanlage or wheel washing machine. The machine is very necessary to clean the vehicles, so it is easier to provide good maintenance. This is very important since the vehicles, such as trucks and even the other heavy-duty vehicles, will have soils and other kinds of materials sticking on the wheels. When these happen, it is harder to give proper maintenance, and later it can impact on the performance of the vehicles. Even if it is also possible to clean them manually, it takes time and it will be less effective. That is why having wheel washing system will be beneficial.

Modular Wheel Wash

There are many manufacturers for the wheel wash system and machines. MobyDick is one of them. In this case, it is also good choice of manufacturer to get the wheel wash machines and its system. One of the main reasons is its modular concept applied on the machine. By having modular concept, it will be more flexible to adapt to situations in the construction sites. Since the location keeps changing, flexibility is very important. Then, it has mobile operation, and it is very easy to install the machines. It will not take much time to get the machines arranged well and ready to use. Once it is done and it is time to change the location, its modular concept will also play important roles in speeding up the process.

Various Models of Wheel Wash System

In addition to its modular concept, Mobydick provides many kinds of models for the machine. The model determines the size, design, and capability of its wheel wash machines in cleaning the wheels and lower parts of the vehicles. There are different dimensions and shapes, and it is possible to choose the most suitable ones. Of course, MobyDick tries to accommodate each construction industry, and the manufacturer is fully aware that each of them has different demands and situations that will determine the choices. That is why there are some available models.