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What Is Auto Industry Analyst

The auto industry analyst is a person who analyzes the auto industry on a macro and micro-level. This role has evolved over time, but it’s still one of the most important jobs in the field of transportation and logistics. As an analyst, you’ll be tasked with crunching data, analyzing trends, and providing forecasts for clients so that they can make smarter decisions about how to invest in their fleet of vehicles or other assets needed for their business operations. To get started as an auto industry analyst, check out our guide below! What Does An Auto Industry Analyst Do? Auto industry analysts analyze the auto industry and make recommendations to clients. They study trends in the industry, analyze data, identify problems and opportunities for companies, and make predictions about future sales of vehicles or parts. A typical day for an auto industry analyst might include: Analyzing data from surveys or interviews with customers or suppliers to determine how well a company is performing in relation to its competitors. Examining new technologies that could affect the way people buy cars (e-commerce platforms like Amazon Prime Now) or use them (self-driving cars). How Do You Become An Auto Industry Analyst? Becoming an…

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