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Water For Gas

So after about a week or so of contemplating, I decided to actually give it a shot… I figured that the rewards of this actually working far outweighed the expenses of it being a scam… So I read and reread the website… and read it again! Just to make sure that I fully understood every single detail and “promise” that this site claimed their system would do for me. Finally, I ordered the e-book… but I didn’t read it right away… I actually went back and read the sales page again! (a little “obsessive compulsive” huh?) Then I decided to dig in… the book as very well put together. The instructions were very simple and easy to follow. (a little too easy actually) but anyway, I read the entire e-book front to back… and then guess that I did? I read it again! (I know… I know…)

(Moving forward…) Three days later… after reading the book enough times that I probably could have rewritten it myself verbatim, I decided to actually give it a try. It took me a few hours to complete everything… because of course, if I’m going to read the manual almost million times, I’m certainly going to take my time actually using it! I mean, hey, I have to make sure that it’s done “right”! Right? So bare with me here…

After about a week, I realized that I only had to fill my gas tank once! Are you serious? Only one time for an entire week? I drive out of town everyday to go to work… One tank of gas is unheard of for me! I figured that this had to be a fluke or something… So the next week came… and the exact same thing happened! I could not believe it! The ridiculously simple instructions in this e-book actually worked… but I was actually mad… very mad… if I could have been using water for gas all this time, why didn’t anyone every tell me! Do you have any idea how much money I’ve spent just in the last year on gas alone? More importantly, do you know how many Jack in the Box tacos buying gas has cost me? I feel so ripped off…