Used or Refurbished Fuel Injectors

Used Fuel Injectors

The shop may install a used fuel injector into your car as replacement for an inefficient or broken injector. Offhand, this can be a great solution as you can readily observe some improvement in the way your vehicle runs. However, used fuel injectors are not always the best choice and cannot guarantee the best performance. At most, it is a hopeful attempt to remedy your car problem.

Refurbished Fuel Injectors

On the other hand, refurbished fuel injectors are parts that have been restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications. They are old fuel injectors that have been subjected to rigorous diagnostic testing to determine spray patterns, flow rates and overall performance. They are then recalibrated to ensure efficient handling of the specific type of fuel they will be used with.

A “refurbished” fuel injector is almost like a new part without the sheen of those newly manufactured parts. However, its components have been checked and regulated to meet the standards. And they are often sold with a warranty. With a refurbished fuel injector, you can be sure to obtain marked improvements in your fuel line system, exactly what you want to achieve when you decided to change the old fuel injector on your used car.


Whether you are buying a used or refurbished fuel injector, make sure that the replacement you are getting is specifically made for the type of fuel used by your car. As motoring today uses different forms of fuel, from petrol to LPG, ethanol, methane, etc., it becomes important to match the right fuel injections system and parts with the corresponding fuel application.