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About Exclusive Car Detailing Services

Car detailing is the performance of thorough finishing, restoration, and cleaning of a vehicle to come up with the highest level of cleanliness as well as polish. The car detailing can be done on the interior and/or the exteriors of …

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Types of Car Oils

Premium Oil
This is the conventional oil that is available in different levels of viscosity. This type of oil is largely used in light-duty vehicles, and needs to be changed/replaced once in every 4 months, or at least twice a …

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Transmission Trouble

Basic transmission care is so simple, it just takes a few minutes and it will extend your vehicle life by years.

1. Change the Transmission oil and filter at least once every 50K miles.

2. When you start your vehicle …

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Replacement Car Parts

OEM parts are parts mine by the original equipment manufacturer made expressly for a specific Cars. They are more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts, parts made by third parties after the original sale of a vehicle. Examining the issue …

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