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Repairing Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracks and blemishes can be troublesome. You can never really guess what is going to happen; they almost always start small and end up spider webbing across the remaining windshield. Some rock blemishes only leave chunk of glass missing. …

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Used or Refurbished Fuel Injectors

Used Fuel Injectors

The shop may install a used fuel injector into your car as replacement for an inefficient or broken injector. Offhand, this can be a great solution as you can readily observe some improvement in the way your …

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Re Conditioning Vehicle

The most appealing part of a vehicle is the appearance. For the most part it helps if you have minimal body damage ie: dents, scrapes, dings, scratches etc. I usually recommend having major dents and body damage professionally repaired. It …

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Remapping Tools

Car remapping can be defined as the process of adjusting settings of engine control unit (ECU) chip that is installed in your car. The reason due to which car owners opt for the remapping is due to standardization of car’s …

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