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Replace a Clutch Kit

The hydraulic clutch system is comprised of many pieces. This includes the clutch plate, the pressure plate, a release bearing and release fork, the operating cylinder and master cylinder, a hydraulic line, the joint and the pedal.

Firstly, you will …

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Winter Auto Detailing

Seal the paint work

A paint sealant like a synthetic wax is a practical option to apply to your car if it is likely to be left exposed to the extreme winter conditions. Use a proper paint sealant to give …

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Fix Cracked Leather

So, with that said I’m going to give you what I call the “quick fix”. A temporary fix to get you by until the car is sold or you get enough money to do it right. Now I’m not going …

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Ford Focus Ignition

The key itself might get stuck in the ignition, or you may have to jiggle the ignition in order to have it turn – a sure sign that you should have a professional replace the ignition. Either way, if you …

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