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Clean a Car Battery

  • You will need to determine the configuration of the terminals as there are different types. Determining the configuration will help you to pick the correct wrench to loosen the nuts that keep the cables in place.
  • Now, you need to

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Troubleshoot Brake Booster

Vacuum Failure

When the engine of your vehicle accelerates, the vehicle shouldn’t have the vacuum failure. But if this happens, you may need to check the check value and get it replaced if it’s the cause of the problem. It …

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Info of Changing Flat Tire

waking up and discovering that a vehicle has a flat tire or ending up on the side of the road with a flat tire. The reason this situation is so horrible for many drivers is that quite a few people …

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Water For Gas

So after about a week or so of contemplating, I decided to actually give it a shot… I figured that the rewards of this actually working far outweighed the expenses of it being a scam… So I read and reread …

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